BMS Hnew building management system

Currently most buildings in modern urban areas such as office complexes, hotels, luxury apartments, banks, government houses, airport buildings, etc. are equipped with court management system. BMS house. This plays an important role in the efficient and economical exploitation of buildings, besides helping the use of buildings meet the requirements of safety and security. The functions and operating scope of BMS systems are very large because it manages and controls all activities of the devices in the building. BMS (Building Management System) is a building management system with the following functions and tasks:

- Control and supervise the mechanical / electrical systems in the building to ensure the operation of these systems in an optimal and effective way

- Coordinate the operation of mechanical / electrical systems to best meet the requirements of usage level, ensure security, safety and comfort, comfort for people in the building.

- A single operating interface, automatic statistics of operational status, specifications of mechanical / electrical systems help operators easily manage and operate the building safely, accurate and effective.

- Automatically detect incidents early, give quick and accurate warnings to the operators to promptly repair and remedy them, avoiding unfortunate accidents that directly affect people in building.

- Create a friendly working environment, most comfortable for people to participate in activities in the building, contributing to improving productivity

- Simplify operation: repetitive procedures and functions are programmed for automatic operation.

- Reduce training time for operators: due to the detailed instructions on the intuitive operating interface

- Reduce energy costs: centralized control and energy management.

- Flexibility in adjusting, changing applications and expanding the system

BMS (Building Management System) is responsible for controlling and managing technical systems in the building such as:

- Electrical system (low voltage cabinets, floor cabinets, generators, transformers, ...)

- Lighting systems

- Supply and drainage system

- Air conditioning and ventilation system

- Elevator system

- Fire alarm system - fire protection (fire protection)

- Sound notification system (PA)

- Surveillance camera system (CCTV)

- Access control system (Access Control)

- ...

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