Camera system solutions

Systems installed in areas that need to be monitored and protected have the ability to maintain regular monitoring of selected areas. Camera system also has the ability to connect with other security devices such as intrusion prevention system, fire alarm, burglar alarm, access control system to create an integrated security management system.

The ability to connect and expand the camera very large can be up to hundreds of cameras. Camera system not only allows observation in the internal area but also allows monitoring, monitoring and image transmission through wide area network LAN, WAN, Internet. Regarding technology, CCTV system is divided into 2 types:

Similar cameras and IP Cameras.

Analog Camera Solution:

- Using the same type of camera to receive and transmit analog signals, this same signal is transmitted to similar storage devices through transmission systems (often using coaxial cables) to observe and record events. and analysis at defined areas.

Currently analog cameras can be connected to the IP Camera system via a signal converter from Analog to IP.

IP camera solution: - Using the type of camera that transmits images by digital signal, the image will be processed and compressed at the camera and transmits this digital signal to central storage devices through the network, allowing Users view, record, store and manage video images at the monitoring center or remotely via the network. IP cameras can be located at any location with an IP network connection, the camera has its own IP address and can operate independently.

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