Location: Site Manager / Site Manager

1. Scope: Mechanical / Electrical Construction

2. Quantity: 02

3. Working place: Hanoi and neighboring provinces

4. Job description:

+ Support Project Management assigning tasks to subordinate engineers.

+ Responsible for tracking, signing timesheets of all project personnel.

+ Make weekly, monthly progress for project monitoring and reporting to project management.

+ Report to the superiors to inform the site situation at each time.

+ Deploy work outside the site under the direction of the project manager.

+ Track and manage Human Resources of that project. Report to higher levels when necessary adjustments.

+ Organize and participate in daily meetings with the Engineer and the Leader of the work plan.

+ Manage materials at the construction site, take apart and make construction materials.

+ Managing the safety & protection department to set up protection plans and safety measures.

+ Manage the company's forms, instructions subordinates to implement.

+ Mastering the technical expertise of work items in the project.

+ Fluency in national and international standards applied to the project.

+ Know how to calculate and choose materials and equipment of the project.

+ Making detailed drawings of work items, construction instructions.

+ Implementing internal acceptance and making reports.

+ Responsible to invite relevant units to conduct pre-acceptance test of work items.

+ Perform the work of completion and handover documents.

5. Job requirements:

+ Graduated in Mechanical Engineering - Electrical Engineering University.

+ Experienced at least 2 to 5 years in the field of mechanical and electrical installation in the project.

+ Ability to negotiate, discuss, give special priority to members who have managed the project.

+ Ability to work independently and decisively.

+ Ability to travel far and accept to work overtime.

+ Qualified proficiency in computer software.

6. Education: University

7. Number of years required: 02 years

8. Salary: Negotiable


+ Salary + OT + Allowance (Telephone, travel, work area, ....) + Rewards + Trade Union + Health Insurance + Social Insurance.

+ Dynamic working environment, professional and friendly.

+ There are also separate allowances for different positions and enjoy the end of the year according to the profit achieved by the Company.

9. Contact information:

+ Job CV sent to the email address:

+ Hotline: 0973.714.894



Address :  No. 9, Lane 7, Le Duc Tho Street, P.Minh Dinh 2, Q.Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi City

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