Smart housing - the inevitable trend

Smart housing - the inevitable trend

(Construction) - Around the world, countries in the region of high growth are experiencing rapid urbanization with significant growth of the middle class, along with increasing investment in construction. infrastructure construction. On the other hand, the summarized figures in 2015 showed that Vietnam's economy showed many signs of prosperity and was on a positive recovery. This development brings great opportunities to promote and develop the smart housing market in our country.

Connectivity is a key trend that makes fundamental changes. Connected buildings, connected households, as well as connected workers and industries. Currently, the trend of a connected world in all areas is being noticed by most businesses around the globe.

For example, connectivity will help industrial companies such as aviation and railways create a proactive, predictable approach to managing their fleets, as opposed to passive mode.

Sensors that monitor the aircraft's wings, engines and cockpit, can also monitor bearings and cargo on board. Early detection of these problems helps minimize late flight at the airport and helps railway companies avoid disasters such as derailment - which can cost tens of millions of dollars in damages.

Mr. Shane Tedjarati, President of Honeywell High Growth Global Area (a prestigious US brand and the world's leading expert on automation solutions) shared: “Honeywell provides products products such as aircraft avionics, process control technologies for refineries, building automation.

In a connected building solution, with more than 10 million constructed buildings equipped with smart devices and integrated software, Honeywell launches worldwide intelligent building scoring system to help assess Smart index of the building. The scores are calculated on three main criteria, not only focusing on green technology but also on safety and high-performance technologies. These are solutions to keep households safe and secure such as fire alarms, motion detectors, cameras, leak detection systems; Quality and comfort solutions for the environment such as fire control, air purification in the home, etc. There are also sensor and wireless technologies, using "voice" software technologies to enhance safety. all ”.

Combining connectivity and real estate

When the technology connects with the real estate companies, it will bring the best products and solutions to the market and consumers, helping to change the lifestyle of Vietnamese people.

It can be seen that this close cooperation between two reputable brands, Honeywell and VinaCapital. Ms. Mai Trang Thanh, Chairman of Indochina Honeywell, shared about Smart Home products and solutions: Smart home with convenience and security, helping our daily life become reassuring and enjoyable. more taste.

These buildings are equipped with automation technology which makes the building friendly and easy to use. Owners can connect and control the house anywhere, at any time through the utility of the handheld device.

Smart home products and solutions currently meet the needs of people with good incomes who want to live in stylish, high-quality houses / apartments with comfort and security.

Investors, real estate developers, construction contractors, architects want to use these smart products and solutions for their projects to produce high quality real estate products. such as: The Ocean Villa, The Dune and Dai Phuoc Lotus international-class resort projects.

And most recently, the model villas at Nine South Estates Riverside Villas in South Saigon with up to 355 garden townhouses and 26 riverside villas and high-end internal facilities such as gym, overflowing pool, BBQ area and riverside park more than 13,000m2 ...

Vietnam has certain demand for high-end Smart Home products, services and solutions. However, the demand for housing for people with low and medium incomes is currently quite high but still ensuring the connection utilities.

Therefore, Smart Homes, Connected Houses are a trend in the housing industry, especially in countries in high growth areas such as Vietnam and ASEAN countries in the near future.

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